Governors Information

The Governing Body meet every term as a Full Governing Body and the three committees: Finance & Human Resources, Site & Safety and Strategic Development, meet each half term. All our governors are members of all comittees.


Kevin Hollingworth- Co-opted Governor and Vice Chair Start Date: 01/01/2015 Business Interests: NONE

'Although only having lived in Hucknall since 2003, I have had strong associations with the town for rmany years through a number of family businesses as well as my wife being one of Hucknall's ministers. I have been a school governor since 1995, firstly at a large comprehensive school in Sheffield and since moving south, at three local schools, both primary and secondary.

I have a background in banking, finance and project management and the skills gained there add to the mix within the governing body.

I have a desire to see young people have the best possible start in life and their education and the experiences offered through school should provide the nurturing and developmental opportunities needed to enable the transition into young adulthood.

Phil Bailey - Co-opted  and  Chair Start Date: 28/01/2015 Business Interests; NONE

'As a member of the local community and a former pupil of Beardall Street School, I have been involved with the school for many years.With a career in education providing technical and marketing support for a secondary academy as well as being a governor for 8 years, I feel I can use my experience to help challenge, support and promote the school to help raise the standards of education of pupils within the Hucknall community'.

Katherine Collins: Head Teacher Start Date: 05/04/2014 Business Interests: NONE

'I have been the Head at Beardall since May 2012. Prior to this I was Deputy Head of the school. Nottinghamshire is the third local authority I have worked for, beginning my teaching career in Leeds and then moving to  a school in Nottingham City.

My role is to ensure that all governors are kept fully informed of the life of the school and to ensure the strategic vision is carried out by all in school'

Suzanne Stoddart: Staff Governor Start Date: 07/09/2015 Business Interests: NONE

'As Staff Governor and Deputy Head, I work closely with the Head Teacher and other governors in developing school priorities and promoting high expectations for our pupils. I have worked at Beardall for 17 years and have been a governor several times during this time. One of my roles is to provide up to date information to broaden governors' understanding of the curriculum and pupil achievement and also to support the governing body's monitoring and evaluation processes.'

Derek Day - Co-opted Governor Start Date: 01/01/2015 Business Interests: Hucknall Sports

I am a member of all the Governing Body sub-committees, being Chair of the Finance & Human Resources committee. I am a qualified F.A. Coach, Community Sports Leader, Sport Coach Mentor, F.A. referee and  F.A. award winner. As a founder member and president of Hucknall Sports Youth Club, I have always had a keen interest in the young people of Hucknall and take great pleasure in my role as a governor at Beardall, where I have served for 15 years.  This is one of the ways in which I can contribute my skills to the local community and the education of our local children.

Janette Poyser: Staff Governor Start Date: 01/01/2015 Business Interests: NONE

'I work in school as a Midday Supervisor and Breakfast Club Assistant. My two grandchildren went to Beardall Street; I have been involved with  Beardall for over 13 years. I have also been in school as a volunteer, helping the children to read. The children are my priority; helping to ensure they have a happy, safe environment. My background is in office work; book-keeping, supervision and training.'

Danielle Ward-Bailey: Parent Governor Start Date: 22/05/2015 Business Interests: Husband , local plumber

'As a new Parent Governor I am very much looking forward to being part of a governing body full of enthusiasm and with a wealth of knowledge. I have a vested interest in Beardall as my son is a current pupil but equally I want every child to achieve their full potential.

I know the local area well as I have lived in Hucknall from being a child and I now work in the family business in the town. I have good organisational skills which I hope will help me to contribute well to the governance of the school and I hope to embrace all aspects of school life and be a voice  for the parents of Beardall Fields.

Lisa Hay: L.A. Governor Start Date: 07/10/2015 Business Interests: NONE

'As the parent of both a current and former pupil of Beardall, I have a long standing relationship of almost ten years with the school. With careers in both management and education, I feel I can combine my experience to help steer and improve the school to the benfit of  pupils and staff.'

Richard Bateman: Parent Governor Start Date: 21/11/2014 Business Interests: NONE

'I am a secondary P.E. teacher and a teacher governor at my place of work. I live on the estate close to the school and have a child at the school. I think it's important for the school to develop close relationships with the surrounding area. Through my job I have seen the importance of a proactive governing body and the impact it can have on not only achievement but school life as a whole.'

Gemma Wilkinson: Parent Governor since June 2017. Business interests: none

My eldest daughter is at Beardall Fields and I am passionate about being a Parent Governor. I have lived in Hucknall all my life and only had a short break whilest studying Communication & Media at Loughborough University. Since 2000 I have worked as a producer for BBC Radio Nottingham. This involves being organised, planning ahead, being resilient under pressure and showing attention to detail; all of these skills I believe will help me in my Parent Governor role. I am involved with the children's work at Watnall Road Baptist Church; I have been attending the church since 1992. I enjoy sewing, knitting, baking and reading.  I am always happy to talk to any of the parents about anything school related.


Phil Bailey - Attendance and Web Site Compliance

Kevin Hollingworth - Safeguarding, Religious Education

Derek Day - Health and Safety

Danielle Ward-Bailey - Reading and SEN

Janette Poyser - Reading

Lisa Hay - Pupil Premium and Data

Richard Bateman - Leadership and Management

Attendance at Committee Meetings - since Nov 17

Strategic Development

S Stoddart- 3/3, K Collins - 3/3, J Poyser - 2/3, G Wilkinson 3/3 -, K Hollingworth - 2/3, L Hay 2/3, D Day - 0/3, P Bailey 3/3 R Bateman - 3/3, D Ward-Bailey - 2/3

Site & Safety

S Stoddart - 3/3, K Collins 3/3, J Poyser - 3/3, G Wilkinson 2/3 - 1/4, K Hollingworth - 3/3, L Hay - 1/3, D Day - 1/3, P Bailey - 3/3, R Bateman - 3/3, D Ward-Bailey - 1/3

Finance & Human Resources

S Stoddart - 3/3, K Collins - 3/3, J Poyser - 3/3,  G Wilkinson 2/3, K Hollingworth - 2/3, L Hay - 2/3 D Day - 2/3 P Bailey 3/3, R Bateman - 3/3  D Ward-Bailey - 1/3